Setting up a business: the Guichet-entreprises website supports entrepreneurs

Guichet-entreprises is an online service designed to facilitate the process of setting up a business. It's easy to use: all you have to do is describe your business project in detail, attach the necessary supporting documents and pay the formality fee. The file is then sent to the appropriate administration for processing. What you need to know about, a single address for setting up a company. services

The site offers several services. Its main function is to enable entrepreneurs and creators to complete the formalities associated with the company: creation, modification of the situation (change of address or status), cessation of activity...

It is also possible to register or forward files to the appropriate CFE ( center de formalité des entreprises ). These may be the CCI, Chamber of Agriculture, Chamber of Trades and Crafts, URSSAF or Commercial Court.

Finally, Guichet-entreprises offers information sheets on trades requiring approval or authorization.

Who is the site aimed at?

This service covers all types of legal status for entrepreneurs:

  • Commercial company: SARL, EURL, SAS, SA, SNC, SCS
  • Liberal profession: sole proprietorship (EI) or liberal practice company (SEL)
  • Civil partnership: SCI, SCM, SCP
  • Sole proprietorship: farmer, shopkeeper, craftsman, commercial agent.

The site is aimed at both French nationals and residents of the European Union or the European Economic Area who wish to set up in France. It provides information on how to set up a business and complete the various formalities.

Guichet-entreprises. fr is particularly well-suited to micro-entrepreneurs who need to complete the formalities involved in setting up, modifying, regularizing or closing down a business. In fact, by declaring their activity on the site, they are automatically entered on the registers.

How do I set up a business on the Guichet-entreprises website?

Before embarking on the registration process, you need to have drawn up the definitive articles of association and published the legal notice of incorporation, as well as digitized a number of documents (identity of directors and certain partners) and certificates (non-conviction, filiation, etc.).

Setting up a business on is relatively straightforward. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open an application

The entrepreneur must create a new file and then click on the link "I wish to create my sole proprietorship" or "I wish to create my company". In the latter case, the chosen legal form must be entered.

  1. Detail your project and provide supporting documents

Once this information has been validated, the creator must enter all the company's details on the M0 declaration of incorporation form. This form, together with the supporting documents uploaded, will be automatically sent to the relevant CFE.

  1. Receipt of K or K-bis extract

If the application is complete, the clerk's office of the commercial court will register the company and enter it in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS). The entrepreneur will receive a K extract (sole proprietorship) or K-bis extract (company).

It should be pointed out that when you set up an online file, you may be asked to pay registration, registration or notification fees. These fees are linked to the administrative procedure carried out via the site.