"Baisse les Watts" helps small businesses reduce their energy bills for free

Energy and energy efficiency are key concerns for businesses. The "Baisse les Watts" (Lower the Watts) program helps small and medium-sized businesses to better understand their energy consumption and quickly take concrete action to save energy and reduce their bills.

Coping with rising energy costs

The majority of very small businesses are making reducing their energy consumption a priority, despite the fact that energy prices are set to soar in 2022.

At the same time, the energy sobriety plan, officially presented on October 6, 2022, sets an ambitious roadmap: to reduce energy consumption by 10% over the next two years compared with 2019.


Faced with these challenges, the French Ministry of Ecological Transition has announced the launch of a free scheme aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. Called "Baisse les Watts", this program should help them cope with their ever-increasing energy costs. Indeed, a study by the Confédération des PME (CPME) published on October 31, 2022 shows that 90% of businesses would suffer from this price rise.

Helping companies to control their energy consumption

Spearheaded by La Poste and supported in particular by the Chambre des Métiers et de l'Artisanat (CMA) and the Chambres de Commerce et de l'Industrie (CCI), Baisse les Watts aims to support and raise the awareness of businesses in controlling their energy consumption. Its aim is to achieve cumulative energy savings of 3.7 terawatt-hours by December 31, 2025.

More specifically, the scheme is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses in 14 sectors (cafés and restaurants, tourist accommodation, food crafts, small food shops, transport, health, education, etc.) who want to improve their management of professional expenses.


It offers an Energy Logbook for consulting action sheets, and implementing eco-gestures or investments with the aim of achieving energy savings. Each action sheet highlights the estimated potential energy savings. Companies also benefit from telephone support to help them open a logbook, guide them on the platform and help them set up a long-term action plan. Customized training courses are available face-to-face or remotely via the platform, to raise awareness of the energy challenges facing their industry and help them identify levers for reducing their consumption.


How to register

To register for the Baisse les Watts program, all you have to do isopen an account on the platform in just a few minutes and create an Energy Logbook. You can also register by telephone by contacting an advisor on 01 81 69 81 92 (free service + cost of a call).

Once registered, beneficiaries receive a confirmation e-mail outlining the next steps to be taken. Each registrant is then contacted by a dedicated advisor to start their support program. Registration is entirely free of charge.