How can I find information about an association's accounts?

Some associations are required to publish their annual accounts. How can you easily find and consult this information? How quickly and at what cost? Find out all the answers.

Get online information about an association

Information about an association can be found on the website. This site offers a free service providing access to :

  • as an association,
  • to its purpose,
  • at the address of its registered office,
  • its accounts if the association has published them, or if it has received more than 153,000 euros in donations or subsidies,
  • modifications or dissolutions of the association if they have been published.

The open French public data platform also offers a wealth of information on associations. Among the data available online are

  • the national directory of associations (RNA),
  • the list of associations recognized as being in the public interest,
  • the list of public interest foundations.

Obtain information on site or by mail

To obtain more detailed information about an association, it is sometimes necessary to visit the site or send a request by post.

Information can be obtained from the registry of associations at the prefecture. Anyone can request information free of charge:

  • a copy of the articles of association and any amendments,
  • the association's initial declaration,
  • any declaration linked to a change in the company's administration (new manager, new establishment, change of address, etc.).

This request must be made to the Registrar of Associations in the department where the structure has its head office. The cost of reproducing the documents is borne by the applicant. If documents are sent by post, postage costs will be charged.

The ministries can provide any person with information on approvals granted or subsidies awarded to an association. This information can be consulted on ministry websites, or requested by post or e-mail.

Town halls, inter-municipal establishments, départements and regions are able to provide the public with information on grants, loan guarantees and benefits in kind made to an association. This information is generally available on the local authority's website, or on a digital medium accessible to anyone who requests it.

Last but not least, any member of the public can contact the Ministerial Mission of Vigilance and Combat against Sectarian Aberrations (Miviludes) for an opinion on the risks of sectarian aberrations in an association. To do so, simply fill in an online form on the government services website contacts-demarches.inté

If an administration takes too long to reply or refuses to provide you with information, you can contact the Commission d'accès aux documents administratifs (CADA) at the following address:

CADA - TSA 20730
75334 Paris Cedex 07

The organization can also be contacted by e-mail and telephone.