Financial difficulties: the Banque de France answers 3414

Requests from individuals in financial difficulty, whether concerning their right to a bank account, overindebtedness or Banque de France registration, can be made via the institution's new single platform, which can be reached by telephone on 3414, open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.

Requests for general information or appointments

Since the end of October, a single telephone number has been available to private individuals in mainland France. From Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, 3414 (toll-free, price of a local call) can be used for general inquiries or to make appointments.

More specifically, the themes that can be addressed are :

  • handling overindebtedness,
  • the right to a bank account,
  • right of access to banking incident files,
  • banking and insurance regulations.

" In 85% to 90% of cases, the caller has access to a representative of the institution in less than five minutes ," said Mark Béguery, Director of Individuals, at the presentation of the service on November 22.

The callers are Banque de France staff. However, the institution wishes to make it clear that the introduction of this service is without prejudice to its capacity to welcome private individuals on site.

Business owners seeking information on their Banque de France rating, the TPE-PME scheme or credit mediation can also call 3414.


Greater efficiency in handling questions from the public

The introduction of this single telephone number is intended to replace some 200 existing numbers. Access to Banque de France services will thus be simplified, particularly for people experiencing financial difficulties.

The aim "is to make it easier for people to contact our services, and more efficient in dealing with questions from the public ", explains the French central bank.

This could also help prevent overindebtedness, with almost 115,000 cases filed in 2022.

Over a million calls expected

The Banque de France expects to receive around 1.2 million calls a year, and is aiming for an answering rate of at least 85%.

In its press release published on November 22, 2022, it recalls that the requests made mainly concern :

  • over-indebtedness (38%),
  • incident files (24%),
  • appointment scheduling (10%),
  • infobank (7%)
  • the right to account (5%).

This single number is not the only way to contact the Banque de France. In fact, it is still possible to obtain information by visiting the institution's website, at a counter or by post at the following address:

Banque de France
TSA 50120
75035 PARIS CEDEX 01