No more paper till receipts from August 1

In accordance with the law of February 10, 2020 on the fight against waste and the circular economy, till receipts will no longer be automatically printed by retailers from August 1, but can be sent in dematerialized form at the customer's request.

Putting an end to paper waste

From August 1, customers will no longer be systematically handed their receipt when they check out. In fact, the law on the fight against waste and the circular economy of February 10, 2020 provides for an end to the automatic printing and distribution of till receipts.

This measure aims to reduce paper consumption - each hypermarket in France consumes an average of over 10,000 rolls of paper a year - and to limit consumer exposure to the health-hazardous substances found on most receipts.

Which tickets are concerned?

Article L541-15-10 of the French Environment Code specifies that the following will no longer be printed or distributed automatically:

  • Receipts in supermarkets and establishments open to the public;
  • Credit card receipts ;
  • Tickets issued by certain vending machines;
  • Vouchers and promotional tickets.

The measure applies to all purchases, whatever their nature and amount.

What are the alternatives for customers?

Faced with these new regulations, retailers and consumers will have to adapt.

By law, retailers must remind their customers that they can obtain a paper ticket on request. This information must be communicated by means of a legible and comprehensible sign at the checkout. In addition, professionals offering dematerialized ticket solutions must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by obtaining the consumer's explicit consent to the collection of his or her personal data. The CNIL points out that the creation of a loyalty account is not compulsory for obtaining a dematerialized sales receipt.

At checkout, shoppers will no longer receive a receipt unless they request one, in which case a paper or dematerialized receipt can be issued. If they opt for a dematerialized ticket, the receipt is generally sent by SMS or e-mail. It can also be obtained by another digital means: QR code or the store's mobile application.

Consumers who feel that their rights have not been respected by a retailer may lodge a complaint with the retailer or the data protection officer. If there is no response within a month of the request being made, or if the response is unsatisfactory, they can lodge a complaint with the CNIL.