France Num, a program to support the digital transformation of businesses

France Num, spearheaded by the Direction Générale des Entreprises in collaboration with a number of partners, including Régions de France and various professional organizations, is designed to encourage the managers of small and medium-sized businesses (TPE/PME) to adopt and fully exploit digital tools. The aim of this assistance program is to support them in their digital transformation.


A portal dedicated to the digital transformation of SMEs

France Num is aimed at French companies wishing to initiate their digital transformation, putting them in touch with experts and giving them access to financing offers.

The program, coordinated by the Direction Générale des Entreprises, brings together almost 70 partners, including the Regions and professional organizations. It also involves more than 1,600 digital transformation experts or "Activators" throughout France.

Study companies' digital needs and practices

To provide effective support for small businesses, France Num measures their digital characteristics and practices through an annual barometer.

The France Num 2022 Barometer surveyed 4,600 companies, including almost 950 with 0 employees. The survey shows that the managers of very small businesses have a very positive perception of digital technology. Indeed, 81% of them consider that it represents a real benefit for their company, compared with 78% in 2021 and 68% in 2020. The majority of those surveyed believe that it facilitates communication with employees and improves communication with customers.


Services designed for companies just starting out in the digital world

To encourage businesses to initiate their digital transformation, France Num has created a range of services tailored to their needs. The platform calls on its partners, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the Chambers of Trade and Crafts, to diagnose digital maturity before implementing an action plan.

This diagnosis can be carried out remotely or face-to-face, depending on managers' constraints, and covers all digital-related issues:

  • online visibility,
  • digital marketing,
  • online sales,
  • internal resources,
  • security and the RGPD...

A customized training program

The Direction Générale des Entreprises has created a comprehensive training program geared to the concrete needs of very small businesses. It is available in two formats:

  • awareness,
  • and action support.


The training courses are open to small and medium-sized businesses in all sectors wishing to embark on a digital transformation process and meeting the following two conditions:

  • have been in business for more than 2 years,
  • and sales of over €15,000 in one of the last financial years (from 2019).

Financial support for digital transformation

Not all companies have the means to finance their digital transformation. France Num offers several schemes to help them achieve this goal, including the France Num loan guarantee, which facilitates access to bank credit for VSEs/SMEs by covering 80% of the risk exposure of lending partner commercial banks, and the 500-euro France Num voucher, which covers all or part of the digitization costs of VSEs/SMEs.