Banque de France opens an "Espace dirigeant" website

A new area for business owners has just been launched on the Banque de France website. Find out more about the features offered by this "Espace dirigeant" and how to access it.

All Banque de France company information available

Managers can now access their space on the Banque de France website to find out :

  • their company's listing,
  • key indicators with a sector comparison,
  • their Banque de France correspondence and documents.

A secure messaging system puts them in direct contact with the institution.

Each year, the Banque de France assigns a rating to non-financial companies, enabling it to estimate their ability to honor their financial commitments over a 1 to 3-year horizon. It is intended to facilitate dialogue with financing structures.

In addition to quoting and displaying key indicators (change in sales, net income, debt, repayment capacity, etc.), business owners can carry out a free economic and financial diagnosis. The Opale diagnostic tool (an online positioning and analysis tool for businesses) is available to help with management and decision-making. Companies can also book a free consultation with a financial analyst online.


Personal, secure access at all times

Professionals can access their Espace dirigeant by clicking on "S'inscrire/S'identifier" on the website. To consult all the information the Banque de France holds on their companies, they can connect via FranceConnect. Those who do not have access to FranceConnect (e.g. foreign managers) should request access to their personal information by telephone on 3414 or by e-mail at

After entering your FranceConnect credentials, simply click on "Continue to Banque de France". The data is now available and securely accessible.


As soon as you log on for the first time, you can opt to receive mail electronically, and to accept notifications from the Banque de France, particularly when sector comparisons are updated. If you modify your preferences in the "Account and preferences" section, don't forget to click on "Modify" to validate the changes you've made.


Once logged in, the companies in which the manager acts as legal representative are automatically registered in his or her space. Up to 3 of these companies appear on the home page (login dashboard). To view all companies, select "View all my companies". The list of corresponding companies appears. A filter allows you to search the list by SIREN or company name.

This new space created by the Banque de France should simplify the life of business owners and facilitate their exchanges with the institution.