Launch of the Mon Accompagnateur Rénov' platform

The digital platform to become a Rénov' Accompagnateur, initially accessible to historical players, has been open since July 3, 2023 to private players, including architects and professionals with an energy auditor qualification and third-party financing companies.


Assisting private individuals with their energy renovation projects

Created by the French Climate and Resilience Act, Mon Accompagnateur Rénov' offers tailored support to help homeowners improve the quality and efficiency of the energy renovation work they decide to undertake.

There are 5 main stages in the process:

  • 1: a visit to assess the housing situation and carry out an energy audit
  • 2: help households define their renovation project on the basis of the energy audit carried out, and help them select quotes and draw up a financing plan.
  • 3: assistance in preparing applications for grants and financing the remaining costs 
  • 4: monitoring and support during the construction phase
  • 5: a second visit to confirm that the work has been properly completed, to prepare the monitoring of consumption and to provide advice on how to get to grips with the renovated home.

Beneficiaries can also take advantage of optional services such as air-tightness tests or additional visits while the work is being carried out, by signing a contract with their Accompagnateur Rénov'.

It should be noted that households will berequired to use Mon Accompagnateur Rénov' from January 2024, in order to benefit from the MaPrimeRénov' package. This provision only concerns support for the renovation of their individual dwelling, as the rules remain unchanged for condominium associations applying for MaPrimeRénov' assistance.

A platform open to private players

The Mon Accompagnateur Renov' platform has been open since May 2023 to historical players (ANAH operators and Espaces Conseil France Rénov').

With the aim of supporting as many people as possible, the scheme was extended to private-sector professionals last July. Craftsmen and building professionals can respond to the call for tenders if they wish to contribute to securing energy-efficient renovation projects, while offering personalized support to private individuals.

Applicants wishing to obtain approval can submit a Mon Accompagnateur Rénov' application on the ANAH website. All they have to do is create an account and submit the necessary supporting documents.

As a reminder, from January 1, 2024, all players (private and public) will be required to hold this accreditation, with the aim of having 4,000 to 5,000 Rénov' Accompagnateurs by 2025.