3006, a free number to help you start your own business

When it comes to launching their business, craftspeople have many questions about the viability of their project and the steps they need to take. To answer these questions, the network of Chambers of Trades and Crafts (CMA) has set up a single, toll-free number: 3006.


Facilitating the process of setting up a craft business

An OpinionWay survey published in March 2023 shows that almost1/4 of French people are planning to start or take over a business, a figure that rises to 49% for young people. The study also reveals that half of them plan to carry out their entrepreneurial project within the next two years.

With almost 995,000 new businesses expected by 2022, the craft sector has become a very promising sector. In total, it employs over 3 million people in 4 sectors: food, construction, services and production.

Setting up or taking over a craft business is subject to special regulations.

In particular, you need to hold a CAP, BP, diploma or recognized qualification of equal or higher level, depending on the trade, or have at least 3 years' professional experience in the trade, and not have been disqualified from managing a business (FNIG).
Once you've chosen a suitable legal status and tax and social security regime, you'll need to complete a number of formalities, including registration with the Registre National des Entreprises (RNE), as the Répertoire des Métiers no longer exists.
This is followed by an installation preparation course (SPI), which can be taken on an optional basis at the CMA on which the entrepreneur depends.

The CMAs and their agents, present throughout France, offer future entrepreneurs tailor-made support, training and leaflets to guide them through the process. The network recently launched the toll-free number 3006, to save them time and help them get started in the best possible conditions.

A single, toll-free number

3006 is a single, toll-free number available to those setting up or taking over a craft business. It aims to answer questions on :

  • business start-ups
  • taking over a company
  • and all related formalities

" We are working to ensure that everyone can acquire all the necessary skills and flourish in the craft industry," emphasizes Joël Fourny, President of CMA France, in a May 15, 2023 press release.

Every year, the CMAs provide support and information to over 300,000 project owners, from the design and declaration of their business to the implementation of their development strategy. The creation of this toll-free number should make things even simpler, enabling them to concentrate fully on their business.