Helpdesk to pay March and April gas and electricity bills open until August 31

The assistance window was created to mitigate the effects of the energy crisis, support the competitiveness of companies and avoid production stoppages at the most energy-intensive sites. The scheme has just opened for applications for assistance with the payment of energy bills (gas and electricity) for March and April 2023.

A comprehensive package to help businesses cope with rising energy prices

As part of the economic and social resilience plan, on July 4, 2022 the Government opened a "gas and electricity" application window for large-scale consumers. This emergency aid was introduced by a decree published on July 2, 2022, and follows the European Commission's authorization decision of June 30, 2022.

Companies in all sectors that meet the following conditions on the date of application are eligible:

  • Be an energy-intensive company whose gas and/or electricity purchases account for at least 3% of 2021 sales;
  • Have experienced a doubling in the price of gas and/or electricity over the eligible period compared with an average price over the year 2021.

For example, a company can apply for assistance for March/April if its energy expenditure over this period represented more than 3% of its March/April 2021 sales. It should be noted that this aid can be combined with the " electricity shock absorber ".

The aid window has recently been opened up to other beneficiaries, in particular companies that have experienced exceptional events in 2021 and were previously unable to benefit from the scheme due to low or non-existent energy consumption during this period. The scheme also applies to legal entities governed by public law carrying on an economic activity and whose resources represent less than 50% of total revenues, and to those with fewer than 250 employees and annual revenues of less than €50 million.

March/April 2023: the help desk is open

The Government has announced the opening of the energy bill payment assistance window for March and April 2023. Applications must be made between May 17, 2023 and August 31, 2023.

To benefit from this scheme, simply complete a simplified application form containing the following documents:

  • Energy bills for the period in question and 2021 bills;
  • Company bank details (RIB) ;
  • The aid calculation file ;
  • A declaration on honor attesting that the company meets the conditions and that the information declared is accurate.

For general questions about the scheme, companies can contact an advisor on 0806 000 245 (free service + call charge).