One-stop shop ready to serve companies from June 30

The one-stop shop enabling companies to complete their formalities electronically will be operational on June 30. However, Infogreffe and paper filings will continue to be possible until December 31.

Numerous malfunctions

Launched on January 1, the one-stop shop for business formalities is a platform for :

  • to register the creation of a company,
  • make modifications (change of activity, name, articles of association, etc.),
  • declare a cessation of activity,
  • to file the annual financial statements.

Since it was set up, the business formalities site has experienced a number of malfunctions, including :

  • blocking major operations,
  • the impossibility of registering certain types of company,
  • the impossibility of filing deeds with opposition deadlines,
  • the impossibility of producing annual financial statements.

These have already led to a slowdown in business and paralysis at commercial court registries. This complex start-up has not reassured the unions representing the accounting profession and company lawyers. They see the one-stop shop as an "Ubuesque device that complicates legal and economic life", whereas the PACTE law was, on the contrary, intended to simplify it. They see clear prejudices not only for their firms, but also for their corporate clients, who are impacted by longer lead times and legal uncertainty over their operations.

Even though the government assures us that several technical and ergonomic changes have been made to the counter, the risk of an incident does not seem to have been ruled out, so it has been decided to leave the backup procedures in place until December 31. Companies will still be able to complete their formalities via other channels, such as the former guichet-entreprises. fr website and the platform.

700,000 formalities filed

Despite the setbacks, the government says that the one-stop shop for businesses will be up and running by June 30.

Nearly 700,000 formalities have been completed via the platform since the beginning of the year, according to the Ministry of the Economy and Finance in a press release, including :

  • 630,000 creation formalities,
  • 60,000 account deposits,
  • 30,000 retirements,
  • 4000 individual modifications.

Previously, all these procedures were handled by the CFE (Centres de Formalités des Entreprises) and, on the Infogreffe website, by the clerks of the commercial courts.


New governance

Another announcement made by the government is the establishment of a new governance structure for the one-stop shop. Its mission will be to ensure that the service runs smoothly, and to prepare for future developments, in conjunction with the Institut national de la propriété intellectuelle (INPI), the platform's operator. Several players are involved:

  • the project's partner ministries,
  • partner organizations for formalities (INSEE, social and tax organizations),
  • the assistance players,
  • users.