Very small businesses benefit from the monumental Grand Paris Express construction site

The Grand Paris Express is the new metro that will link the main places of life and activity in the suburbs without passing through Paris, a gigantic project undertaken by the Société du Grand Paris and small and medium-sized businesses that will benefit the region's development.

Getting around more easily without going through Paris

The Grand Paris Express is a transport and development project that will make it easier for everyone to get from suburb to suburb without having to go through Paris. This small revolution will be achieved by extending existing lines and creating four new metro lines (15, 16, 17, 18).


More precisely, the metro will run on 200 kilometers of track and serve 68 new stations, passing through all the departments of Ile-de-France, with the exception of Paris. The north-east of Paris, for example, will be home to the Saint-Denis Pleyel station, where the new lines will intersect.


Société du Grand Paris estimates that between 2 and 3 million passengers will use the new metro lines every day. The project will also have an impact on the region's economic activity. Nearly 100,000 jobs could be created after 2030.

Thousands of very small businesses taking part

The number of people mobilized to work on this project is colossal: nearly 4,800 small and medium-sized businesses. And 20% of the contracts awarded within this framework are reserved for them, excluding group subsidiaries.

Marsa, based in Evry-Courcouronnes and employing some thirty people, is carrying out masonry, tiling and plastering work on the Le Bourget Airport station, for example.

Yprema, which specializes in the transformation of deconstruction materials, recycles materials from the Grand Paris construction sites and makes them available to the construction industry.


Faced with the scale of this project, the company had to " organize itself both materially and humanely ", as its Sales Director, François Przybylko, told Les Echos newspaper.

The participating SMEs are not all part of the construction sector. " They range from communications, vehicle rental and cleaning to catering and security ," explains Georges Etienne-Donisa, head of SGP's Employment and Professional Integration unit.

MB Hygiène operates on line 16 construction sites. It is called in to combat pests, particularly rats, which are encouraged to appear by the digging of tunnels.

Société Grand Paris has set up an Observatoire des PME du Grand Paris Express to track the participation of small and medium-sized businesses. It shows that more than half of the small and medium-sized businesses involved are from the Paris region. The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Hauts-de-France regions are also among those best represented.