SMEs: export assistance simplified and extended

The government has set itself the target of increasing the number of exporters to 200,000 companies by 2030, up from 145,000 today, as part of the new export plan for SMEs and ETIs. To achieve this, export assistance has been simplified and extended.

Supporting exports

With the foreign trade deficit set to top the 100 billion euro mark again in 2023, Bercy has announced, as part of its annual "Bercy France Export" export meeting, a series of measures to simplify export insurance, and changes to the "Part française" rules.

These new provisions should bring us closer to the goal set by the new export plan ("Osez l'export!") presented on August 31: to boost the number of exporters to 200,000 by 2030.


Measures to simplify export insurance

Details of the measures envisaged by the government to strengthen the international clout of French companies are set out in a press release issued on February 6, 2024. In it, the French Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty announces the decentralization of Bpifrance's export guarantee insurance offer for amounts under one million euros.


He adds that the interest rate stabilization offer for export credits has been simplified. It is based on the floor rate published by the OECD, or on an ad hoc quotation set by the DG Treasury for large contracts. Rate reservation periods and credit insurance commitments have also been synchronized.


A change in the rules of the "French Part

The French government enhances the competitiveness of companies' export projects in the eyes of foreign buyers by offering insurance, guarantees, Treasury loans and FASEP grants. However, certain conditions must be met before it can intervene: projects must include a proportion of goods or services for which the exporter has carried out the operations himself or sourced them from a supplier based in France. These rules are set out in the " Guide utilisateur sur la Part française ".

The "Osez l'export!" plan includes an adaptation of this guide to provide better support for companies. It will provide greater clarity and predictability for those involved (adapted to international co-contracting and subcontracting). Declarations will be simplified for a wider population of SMEs and ETIs. Another measure is the expansion of the population of SMEs and ETIs benefiting from improved export insurance coverage (guaranteed quota increased to 80%, compared with 50% previously). Last but not least, the opening up of export credit insurance to foreign companies purchasing from French suppliers should encourage more French companies to export, which might not otherwise have done so on their own.

" These measures are fully in line with the Government's drive to simplify procedures ," concludes Bruno Le Maire in the press release.