Portailpro: a website dedicated to tax and social security procedures for businesses

The Portailpro site aims to simplify day-to-day management for professionals, and also gives them access to a summary dashboard of their past, present and future tax and social security procedures and deadlines. It is open to all companies, whatever their size or status.

Simplify tax, social security and customs procedures

The French government has just announced the launch of Portailpro.gouv.fr, a portal developed by Urssaf, the Direction générale des droits de douanes indirects (DGDDI) and the Direction générale des finances publiques (DGFIP).

"To make life easier for businesses, the French government is continuing to improve its digital offering and pool information between the various government departments, to offer services that are more practical, simpler and faster," reports Olivier Dussopt, Minister Delegate for Public Accounts, in a press release.

The new site includes features that meet the needs expressed by companies in terms of simplification and readability. More specifically, it offers :

  • A smoother user experience: thanks to a single, secure connection, professionals can access impots.gouv.fr, urssaf.fr, douane.gouv.fr and our partner site net-entreprises.fr without having to re-authenticate.
  • An overview of tax, social security and customs obligations and deadlines, thanks to a personalized dashboard.
  • One-stop filing and payment of taxes and contributions.
  • Simplified, secure dialogue with tax, social security and customs authorities via an integrated messaging system.


Portailpro.gouv.fr thus complements the existing websites available to companies, namely :

These sitesimprove the entrepreneur's experience by helping him find the information he's looking for quickly. It has to be said that, in the past, information provided to professionals existed, but was presented in a scattered fashion. What was missing was a reference site to guide them.

A site accessible to all professionals without restriction

While the initial version of Portailpro is aimed specifically at self-employed employers, VSE/SME managers and company founders, the site is intended to be extended to all professionals without restriction. Eventually, the portal will be accessible to all entrepreneurs, whatever their size or company status. Once they have created an account, they will be able to access all the services on offer, or authorize their employees to do so.