Risks in the workplace: focus on the "Diesel fume capture" prevention grant

Assistance for the installation of exhaust gas and fume extraction systems in companies takes the form of the Prévention "Captage fumées de diesel" grant. Designed to reduce emissions from diesel engines, which are recognized as "proven human carcinogens", this grant raises a number of questions: what are the conditions for obtaining it, and how much is it? You'll find all the answers here.

What is the Diesel Fume Capture Prevention grant?

Offered by the Frenchhealth insurance scheme since January 1, this subsidy can be used to finance equipment, training and support services aimed at reducing risks in companies with fewer than 50 employees.

It enables SMEs, for example, to install a capture system or booster cabin to limit the risks associated with exhaust gases and fumes.

Which companies are eligible?

The "Capture of diesel fumes" prevention subsidy is aimed at companies with between 1 and 49 employees, covered by the general social security system and meeting administrative criteria and regulatory requirements in terms of occupational risk prevention, located throughout France.

This aid is aimed primarily at technical inspection centers and garages whose employees are particularly exposed to diesel exhaust fumes.

For what expenses?

The grant can be used for :

  • Purchase or renovate an exhaust extraction system with sensors adapted to the activity;
  • Replace extractor and/or sensor on exhaust gas and fume extraction system;
  • Purchase an overpressure cabin to reinforce the protection of employees involved in the polluting phases of roadworthiness testing.

For equipment, it corresponds to 50% of the amount (excluding VAT) of the expenses incurred from their professional account, and for financed verification, to 70% of the amount (excluding VAT) of the expenses incurred.

The grant is associated with a minimum amount of 1,000 euros and a maximum amount of 25,000 euros.


How do I apply?

The budget for the "Capture of diesel fumes" prevention grant is limited. The subsidy is paid to companies on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications can be submitted via the net-entreprises.fr website from 

Two types of requests are possible:

  • A subsidy application with online reservation: the company sends the necessary supporting documents to the Caisse via its AT/MP account. The Caisse confirms the reservation within 2 months;
  • A grant application without reservation: the company can apply directly online via its AT/MP account, submitting the supporting documents required for the application and payment of the grant.

Thanks to the AT/MP (accidents at work and occupational illnesses) account, companies can access a range of useful information to manage their occupational risks, consult their contribution rates and track recently recognized claims in real time.