What's new on the bodacc website?

Following the results of a satisfaction survey carried out by the bodacc.fr website (Bulletin des annonces civiles et commerciales), a number of new features and improvements have been introduced.

Satisfaction survey results

Thesurvey carried out by the Bulletin des annonces civiles et commerciales website from September 20 to November 18, 2022 highlights several points.

Firstly, almost 93% of users find all or part of what they're looking for by visiting the site.

Secondly, the site is visited on a professional basis by 90% of users. It has to be said that all corporate actions must be declared to the clerk of the commercial court before being advertised on the bodacc, a site which, among other things, enables users to find out about company general meetings. Users also use it to check for the existence of collective proceedings against partners. The bodacc publishes conciliations, safeguard procedures, receiverships and liquidations.


Finally, over 74% of users find the site easy or very easy to use. The main weakness concerns the presentation and printing of search results.

What improvements have been made to the bodacc.fr website?

The bodacc has anticipated users' needs in part by making a number of improvements to its website.

Navigation is now faster, thanks to simplified ads. Each type of ad (commercial ads, personal recovery ads, estate ads) has its own FAQ called "Help and frequently asked questions".

When it comes to printing ads, only the essential data is printed. Printing the timeline and publication history is optional.

Another new feature is the ability to download each ad individually in PDF format and print it out on a single page.

Expected developments

At the same time, bodacc is continuing with its website redesign project.

Several developments are expected:

  • The ability to download search results in CSV format;
  • The ability to send a limited number of ads to a third party from a list of results;
  • Sending alert results in tabular form;
  • An increase in the maximum number of alerts available in the personal space (currently limited to 10). To benefit from this service, you need to create an account on the bodacc website with your e-mail address or via FranceConnect. Following this action, ads published in the bodacc will be e-mailed to the user on a daily basis, according to the search criteria predefined in the alert.

Like the Bulletin officiel des annonces des marchés publics(boamp), the bodacc has been modernized to simplify ad searches. It complies with the French government's design system, the aim of which is to provide a better user experience on government-owned sites.