Use cases for Anytime customers

Here are a few examples of use cases from our key account customers. Integration of Anytime services via API or dedicated interfaces developed by Anytime

  • Powerful REST API
  • Turnkey business interfaces
  • Improving compensation in the insurance sector?

    A policyholder who has suffered a claim needs to be compensated quickly. The problem is that a transfer takes a few days to arrive (especially at weekends), is impersonal and takes a very long time. Our solution makes it possible to compensate a claimant in real time, to recreate the link with the customer and to offer the possibility of using the funds immediately, with a Mastercard personalized in the insurer's colors.

  • Eliminate 100% of your bank reconciliation problems

    Real estate companies, lessors, marketplaces, insurers, e-merchants, freelance platforms... often encounter reconciliation problems with incoming transfers. The Anytime virtual ibanization solution enables you to associate an IBAN with a customer, or an IBAN with an invoice. At last, an efficient, dynamic and 100% digital lettering solution.

  • Return the funds collected

    Unlike the solutions offered by specialized platforms for marketplaces and crowdfunding, Anytime provides you with an account solution with IBAN, enabling you to multiply your cashout solutions. You simply credit your customer's account using the nominative IBAN associated with their account. Customers can use their money via various payment methods (bank transfer, Mastercard, QR code, P2P, etc.). Our solutions enable you to generate additional revenue, save on processing costs and support your customers even when they leave your premises.

  • Turn a transfer into a profitable payment

    Instead of paying your service providers by bank transfer, you can pay them by issuing a Mastercard Virtual Card (VCN). All they have to do is enter the card details they've received by email, SMS or API to get paid. We share the interchange paid by Mastercard with you, and your service providers are happy because they get paid immediately. Anytime provides you with an interface or API that enables you to issue VCNs. (This solution is widely used in the travel industry and by online ticketing companies, but can be adapted to many other professions).

  • Simplify payment for employees and freelancers

    A temping agency, a road haulage group, a construction company, a home-delivery restaurant...may have difficulty paying their employees or freelancers. Anytime has developed a solution that makes it easy to manage thousands of payments by uploading a csv file (or API) and providing Anytime accounts to unbanked employees/freelancers. To do this, we provide you with a turnkey interface.

  • A new payment experience with contactless payment

    Anytime is the first player in France to launch a contactless payment program, based on Gemalto's minitag technology. Insert the chip into the holder of your choice and pay anywhere in the world where Mastercard is accepted.

  • Carrier, VTC company, TAXI group...: pay expenses without your staff having to carry cash

    Give each driver a Mastercard and use Anytime interfaces to credit cards in real time and set spending limits for each driver. To control spending, block/unblock cards and receive real-time details of each transaction.

  • Sports federations, vacation camps, associations, language travel organizations: we can help you pay without cash.

    To avoid having to manage cash, employees receive a Mastercard with a maximum amount that can be spent. Immediate debit cards enable real-time monitoring of spending. No overdraft is allowed. A real guarantee of security for the structure's accounting and perfect control of each employee's budget.

  • Merchant banks, fintechs, insurtechs... offer your customers more services with Mastercard cards

    The power of the Anytime offering lies not only in the APIs, but also in our ability to provide :

Improving compensation in the insurance sector? Eliminate 100% of your bank reconciliation problems Return the funds collected Turn a transfer into a profitable payment Simplify payment for employees and freelancers A new payment experience with contactless payment