Our history

" Digital, yes...but human!

Our route

It was in the United States that the first "neobanks" appeared, long before we started talking about online pro accounts in Europe. The idea for Anytime was born in 2012, inspired by the American model. The vision was simple: to ensure that French professionals could also benefit from an online business account, more digital and intuitive than the services offered by traditional banks.

In July 2014, Anytime launched its first products aimed at teenagers. At the end of 2015, the company refocuses on the business account. At the end of 2016, Anytime raises €5M with Seventure (Prestashop, SumUp, IDNow, Mailjet, ChronoTruck,...) and continues its acceleration on the professional market.

Today, more than 100,000 entrepreneurs and professionals in the non-profit sector have been won over by the Anytime solution.

Digital technology and innovation are at the heart of Anytime's DNA. Indeed, before founding Anytime, Damien Dupouy and Thierry Peyre created one of Europe's first mobile micropayment companies. The success of this entrepreneurial venture led to the company being bought out by a listed company.

Our vision

Our vision gradually took shape, based on feedback from our customers. 

We're convinced that technology is the key to greater efficiency. But in the banking sector, the digital revolution is taking time to materialize. Why deprive ourselves of it in the business world, when digital technology makes everyday life so much easier for us as private individuals?

However, we don't want to replace the banks. Rather, we want to improve the user experience by simplifying access to your business account, and offering a range of services to make life easier for our customers.

Although we are a fintech with a digital culture, we remain very attached to the relationship with our customers and are proud to be considered as more attentive to their needs than most players in the business account market. This result stems from our position: we are not a service provider, but a business partner, capable of adapting to our customers' needs and advising them throughout the evolution of their structure.

Our mission is to simplify your life, so that you can concentrate on what's important to you. That's our vision: it's no longer up to you to adapt to the bank, but up to the bank to adapt to you. And that can only happen with the perfect combination of listening, technology and innovation, with real people to advise you every day.

Our values



For us, success can only be enjoyed as part of a team. Our own team, but also the one we form with our customers.

Our priority: to be your partner and your boost to the success of your projects.



We always strive to provide the best service. We are 100% committed to our work and pay particular attention to detail.

Improving our processes remains a constant challenge. We challenge ourselves every day to better serve our customers. 



An idea is nothing without the ability to execute it. There's a time to think and a time to act. We take action, but not without first analyzing and listening to our customers' needs. We keep an entrepreneurial spirit: never asleep on our laurels, always in search of added value.



We don't claim to be the best, but we want to be the best. What counts for us is being honest in what we do, in the good times as well as the more challenging ones.

Because that's how you build a lasting relationship: with transparency and trust.



Innovation means going against conventional wisdom, and that involves a certain amount of uncertainty. But we never give up. This approach allows us to learn from our mistakes and to constantly improve.

So we seize every opportunity to offer the best user experience.

Our team

The Anytime teams are based in Brussels, Paris, Nantes and Lyon.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we cross-fertilize our expertise and constantly challenge ourselves to deliver the highest level of service.

We believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration. Between team members, but also with our customers.