Accidents at work and occupational illnesses: December 11 deadline for registration on the AT/MP account

Companies under the general scheme must register for the AT/MP (accidents at work and occupational illnesses) account on by December 11 at the latest, or face penalties.

Why register for the AT/MP account?

Dematerialized notification of occupational injury and disease contribution rates has been mandatory since January 1, 2022 for companies covered by the general scheme, regardless of their workforce. To comply with this obligation, the companies concerned must register for the AT/MP account on before December 11, 2023.


The AT/MP account is a free online service enabling you to obtain dematerialized notification:

  • contribution rate decisions,
  • an individual assessment of occupational risks,
  • certification of professional risk indicators,
  • an online application service for very small business subsidies,
  • scales of average costs by sector of activity,
  • a list of recent claims impacting future rates.

It also allows you to consult the contribution rates notified for the last three years.

How do I register for the AT/MP account?

To register, companies that already have an account on with their SIRET number simply need to log in and add the AT/MP account to their teleservices from the personalized menu.

Companies that do not yet have an account on net-entreprises.Fr will need to enter several items of information: their SIRET number, a valid surname, first name, telephone number and e-mail address. After following the registration process proposed on the home page, you will need to select "L'Assurance maladie" from the services presented, then validate the AT/MP account proposed among the declarations. The account is opened within a maximum of 24 hours.

Good to know: only the head of the company or one of the employees can receive the dematerialized notification of the AT/MP contribution rate. A third-party declarant cannot carry out this procedure on their behalf, even if they already have their own AT/MP account.


What if the company has several branches?

It is possible to access several establishments from a single AT/MP account. When registering, you must select the establishments you wish to access. This list can be modified at any time from the personalized menu.

Penalties for failure to register

If the AT/PM account is not registered on, the rate notification cannot be sent electronically. In this case, the notification letter is sent by post.

In this situation, the regional fund to which the company belongs is authorized to notify a penalty corresponding to a percentage of the monthly Social Security ceiling per employee. For example, for a company with between 20 and 149 employees, the penalty is 1% of this ceiling.