Startups tackle energy-efficient building renovation

Faced with increasingly stringent energy renovation regulations, a number of startups are offering support to individuals wishing to undertake renovation work. These include Cozynergy, Carbon and La Solive.

Meeting greenhouse gas reduction targets

Among the various areas being studied to combat global warming is the need to renovate energy-hungry buildings.

The new Energy Performance Diagnostic (DPE) system, which rates homes from A to G according to their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, has led to an increase in the number of thermal flats in France. According to the Observatoire national de la rénovation énergétique (ONRE), nearly 5.2 million homes are now classified as F or G, representing 17.3% of primary residences.

To support the Citizens' Convention's commitment to prioritize the rehabilitation of France' s "passive" heating systems, the French government has stepped up its financial support for energy renovation. These include the France Renov' scheme, energy renovation loans and energy saving certificates (primes CEE).

In addition, a number of start-ups are offering innovative services to help homeowners reduce their energy bills and, by the same token, their carbon footprint.

Cozynergy carries out and certifies energy renovation work

Cozynergy is a company specializing in the implementation of energy projects for private individuals.

It supports its customers throughout their project, which begins with a complete, free diagnosis that includes :

  • a technical study (thermal analysis, potential savings, recommendations for work to be undertaken)
  • a financial study (grants and subsidies, financing, final cost of the solution)
  • planning and carrying out work
  • guarantees (legal and decennial guarantees, post-installation checks, maintenance of installed equipment)
  • certification


Carbon aims to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of photovoltaic panels

Founded in March 2022, the Lyon-area startup is thinking big. It has announced plans to build a 20 GW factory by 2030. To break into the world's Top 10 solar panel manufacturers, it will need to raise a total of €5 billion. Its chairman and co-founder, Pascal Richard, believes he has what it takes to compete with Chinese production.

La Solive, the energy renovation school

La Solive offers intensive hands-on training in energy renovation.

In particular, it is possible to train for the trade:

  • energy renovation project manager
  • insulation expert
  • expert in heating systems

The retraining courses offered are co-constructed with partner companies. La Solive ensures that they result in 100% hiring.


The tightening of regulations in the energy renovation sector represents a real market opportunity for startups.