Electricity shock absorber extended for businesses in 2024

Since the start of the energy crisis, the government has rolled out a number of initiatives to protect the purchasing power of citizens and maintain the economic competitiveness of businesses. Among these measures, the electricity shock absorber, designed to support SMEs and communities, will be extended to 2024 under certain conditions.

Energy-intensive companies penalized

" Today, gas and electricity prices have come down, but some people are still trapped in contracts signed when prices were particularly high," said Elisabeth Borne, speaking at the Salon Impact PME organized by the CPME in Paris on November 30, 2023.

Companies that consume a lot of energy for their activities are the most penalized. This is why the European Commission has agreed to extend the aid to 2024. " It's a real effort on the part of the government ," asserted Agnès Pannier-Runacher, during a hearing before the French National Assembly's Economic Affairs Committee.


Which aids are extended to 2024 for professionals?

Firstly, small business consumers, whatever their status, will be able to benefit from the 280 euros/MWh price cap in 2024. This aid will also apply to those with a contract power of less than 36 kVA for contracts signed before June 30, 2023. Consumers not eligible for the 280 euros/MWh guarantee who are smaller than an SME, and who signed a contract before June 30, 2023 that is still in force in 2024, will have access to theelectricity buffer.

This system, designed to protect high-price contracts, provides for bill coverage of 75%, up from 50% in 2023. The unit amount of the cushion will no longer be capped above a price of 500 euros/MWh, and the threshold for triggering the energy portion of the bill will now be 250 euros/MWh, compared with 180 euros/MWh in 2023.

Another new feature is that local authorities will be able to benefit from the electricity buffer in 2024, regardless of their size. As in 2023, beneficiaries will have no formalities to complete in order to claim this aid. It is up to suppliers to apply this aid. You can estimate the amount of the rebate using the electricity rebate simulator.

The one-stop shop for professionals not eligible for the electricity buffer and falling into the category of intermediate-sized companies (ETI) is also extended to 2024. To benefit from it, however, three conditions must be met:

  • have energy expenditure in 2024 representing more than 3% of sales in 2021,
  • justify negative EBITDA or lower than in 2021,
  • have concluded electricity contracts before June 30, 2023.

The French government will cover 75% of the electricity bill in excess of 300 euros/MWh, up to a maximum of 2.25 million euros at group level and other applicable ceilings.

It should also be noted that the one-stop shop will no longer be combined with the electricity buffer scheme in 2024.