Mission Transition Écologique: the new platform designed to help very small businesses in their approach

A new initiative to support the ecological transition, specifically dedicated to VSEs and SMEs, was launched on November 29: the "Mission Transition Écologique" platform. Its primary aim is to simplify access for small and medium-sized businesses to the help best suited to their situation. Indeed, managers of small and medium-sized businesses are often confronted with the complexity of the 340 ecological transition assistance schemes offered by the French government. Unfortunately, this difficulty means that many of them give up on the support they need in their ecological transition.

What does the Mission Transition Ecologique platform look like?

When a company visits the Mission Transition Ecologique platform, it finds itself in one of two situations:

  • or doesn't have a clear idea of how to proceed,
  • or she already has a project in mind.

In the first case, the company, finding itself a little disoriented, has to answer a few questions. They are then presented with a list of results, from which they select a device. It then fills in a form which is forwarded to an operator such as BPI France, ADEME, the CCI or the CMA.

In the second case, if the company has already identified its project, it answers more targeted questions, then follows the same procedure.


Once the scheme has been selected, the company commits to the process. Support will be provided to facilitate implementation.


Why this new platform?

There are over 4 million very small businesses in France. Accelerating their ecological transition has become essential. To achieve this, these companies need to be guided towards relevant support schemes. The aid on offer needs to be clear, tailored to their pro account, and easily accessible with just a few clicks.

Eventually, thanks to this platform, the actions to be taken will be increasingly personalized, as they will follow the completion of a self-diagnosis by the company. In this way, appropriate assistance can be offered according to the company's sector and the results of its diagnosis.

For the time being, the platform's aim is toincrease the number of companies embarking on an environmental transition by making the aid process more fluid.

With the multiplicity of eco-transition aids becoming too complicated for some, it was time to simplify things. Tested by some thirty companies before going live, the platform is intended to evolve and improve over time, in the light of user feedback.