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  • An offer that's right for you, depending on the nature of your status and your support needs. needs.
  • A 100% online account, opened in just a few minutes: your proof of identity proof of address, you receive your IBAN FR and your bank cards are cards are sent!

With Anytime, an Orange Bank subsidiary, our top priority is to simplify your life, make your business easier and save you time.

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Our time-saving services

  • Choice of structure type 
  • Filing the file with the clerk's office
  • Sending KBIS
  • A coach to set up my company
    • Choice of structure type 
    • Filing the file with the clerk's office
    • Sending KBIS
  • The same services as a bank, but cheaper!
    • Great customer service 
    • Accept cheques from your customers  
    • Credit transfers in Europe
    • SDD Core and B2B direct debits (accepted by tax authorities) 
    • Sub-accounts for direct tax payments
    • Sub-accounts to isolate your cash flow
  • Two accounts in one
    • A business account
    • A personal account
    • No extra charge, just activate them.
  • Sub-accounts to manage your taxes
    • Create sub-accounts to manage your money better
    • Each sub-account has a dedicated French IBAN. 
    • VAT sub-account
    • Urssaf sub-account
    • Tax sub-account
    • Economy sub-account...
  • Mastercard for you and your employees
    • Debit cards
    • Virtual or plastic cards
    • Managing ceilings by employee 
    • Real-time transaction alerts
    • Associating a receipt with a transaction
    • Automatic reminders for employees who have not added their receipts
  • International payment option
    • Cheaper than all banks
    • Faster funds transfer than a bank
    • Free payment with your Mastercard
  • Access for your accountant and associates
    • You define who can access your account
    • You define the rights (consultation or execution)
  • A tool for creating invoices and estimates
    • Personalize your invoices
    • Create and register your customers
    • Create quotes and invoices
    • Follow the payment
  • Accounting software
    • Simple, error-free online bookkeeping
    • Let us guide you to a tax return that is 100% compliant with French tax regulations.
    • View your key business figures (sales, expenses, etc.)
  • Accountants who take care of everything
    • Entrust your accounting and everything else to a chartered accountant
    • You can rest easy and minimize tax adjustments
    • A network of experts close to you
  • Tools to help you pay your customers
    • Payment links to remotely collect credit card payments from customers
    • A payment terminal for face-to-face customer billing
  • Legal protection
    • A service offered by AXA
    • Our legal experts are here to help you
    • A wide range of services to protect you
  • Super insurance included in your cards
    • Payment and purchase protection insurance included with all cards
    • A service tailored to your needs
    • Overseas medical assistance insurance for you and your employees
    • Travel insurance
  • Insurance for you and your business
    • Professional liability
    • Business premises
    • Cyber-insurance
    • Damage to computer equipment
  • Partners to finance your development
    • Factoring: I sell my invoices and get paid right away
    • Order form financing: A partner finances my order
    • Collection of unpaid invoices : A bailiff collects my unpaid invoices 
    • Late payment guarantee: I'm guaranteed to receive 90% of the invoice. 
    • Credit from 500€ to 10.000€ : Credit from 3 to 12 months

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