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a property manager

A pro account that simplifies financial management for condominiums

Even better than a bank account, the Anytime solution simplifies your financial management so you can so you can concentrate on managing your properties.

Open your account in just a few clicks

Since 2014 with the Alur law, whether you're a voluntary or professional syndic, it's compulsory for all co-ownerships to open a separate account in the name of the syndicate of co-owners. With Anytime, you can open an account quickly and easily online.

Create sub-accounts for different types of expenditure

Do you manage a condominium? You'll have to manage ongoing expenses (insurance, cleaning, maintenance and upkeep costs, fees for the building manager and staff...) and exceptional expenses (urgent or periodic work, such as cleaning the facade...). To avoid any confusion, create a dedicated sub-account for each type of expense.

Digitalize your invoice storage

Does your role involve dealing with a large number of service providers for the maintenance of your condominium? Managing a large number of invoices can sometimes be problematic. With Anytime, it's child's play! Each member of the condominium association can take photos of his or her receipts and upload them directly via the application. The invoice will then be attached to the corresponding transaction. Take it a step further and opt for certified dematerialization of expense claims. No more misplaced receipts! ✨

Virtual cards to control your provider payments

Easily create recurring virtual cards for insurance, cleaning and maintenance costs, etc. You can track, pause or delete cards as you wish, at any time. You can also allocate a maximum monthly budget to each virtual card, which the supplier can then debit.

Expert customer service

Today, it's important for members of the condominium management team to quickly find the right information to answer any questions they may have. With Anytime, you can be sure of having an expert advisor, available via chat or a dedicated phone line, to support you on a daily basis.

Make bulk transfers

Make up to 100 transfers in a single transmission with Anytime! If you're managing a large building site in your condominium, with a large number of suppliers, simply create a transfer execution order file in XML or CMV format, and save a considerable amount of time!

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